National Volunteer Week 2024

April 14 - 20 2024 - Every Moment Matters!

Let's recognize and celebrate every volunteer and each contribution they’re making to strengthen inclusivity and wellbeing in our communities. Now more than ever, Every Moment Matters! 

#NVW2024 #EveryMomentMatters


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How Volunteering Can Help You!

By making a difference in your community - Meeting new people and making new friends - Self-growth and boosting confidence - Practicing and learning new skills - Making you feel appreciated and needed.

Family Services/Food Bank
  • Hamper Packers
  • Food Sorter
  • Grab & Go Helpers



Thrift Stores
  • General Helpers
  • Warehouse helper
  • Thrift Store Volunteers Needed !


National Volunteer Week 2024

April 14 - 20 2024

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